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Deep Sea Drilling Project reports and publications were originally distributed in print. These printed publications were scanned in 2006–2007 by the Texas A&M University Digital Library and prepared for electronic presentation by the Ocean Drilling Program Science Operator, Texas A&M University College of Geosciences, with funding from NSF.

The Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project contain the results of initial studies of the recovered core material and the associated geophysical information from the Deep Sea Drilling Project expeditions (1968–1983).

Technical Notes contain information designed to keep the marine geoscience community abreast as new tools, designs, and techniques related to drilling engineering were developed and to publish new laboratory guides or manuals. These reports were written by members of the scientific community.

Technical Reports document program-related technical achievements including drilling and coring results, drill bit performance, design and deployment of new coring systems and downhole tools, coring equipment and tool modifications, and procedural improvements.

ISSN 1936-7392

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