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DSDP Volume LXI Table of Contents

Publication date: May 2007

Preliminary Pages

Part I: Introduction and Site Report

1. Introduction and Explanatory Notes

Roger L. Larson, S.O. Schlanger, and R.E. Boyce

2. Site 462: Nauru Basin, Western Pacific Ocean, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 61

Shipboard Scientific Party

Part II: Paleontological Studies

3. Cenozoic Planktonic-Foraminifer Biostratrigraphy of Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 462, Nauru Basin (Western Equatorial Pacific), and Distribution of the Pelagic Components

Isabella Premoli Silva and Donata Violanti

4. Cretaceous Planktonic Foraminifers from the Nauru Basin, Leg 61, Site 462, Western Equatorial Pacific

Isabella Premoli Silva and William V. Sliter

5. Shallow-Water Skeletal Debris and Larger Foraminifers from Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 462, Nauru Basin, Western Equatorial Pacific

Isabella Premoli Silva and Chiara Brusa

6. Calcareous-Nannofossil Biostratigraphy, Nauru Basin, Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 462, and Upper Cretaceous Nannofacies

Hans R. Thierstein and Helne Manivit

7. Cenozoic Radiolarians at Site 462, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 61, Western Tropical Pacific

Annika Sanfilippo, M.J. Westberg, and W.R. Riedel

8. Spyrids, Artostrobiids, and Cretaceous Radiolarians from the Western Pacific, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 61

Patrick de Wever

Part III: Sedimentological Studies

9. Siliceous Sediments from the Nauru Basin: Diagenetic Alteration of Biogenic Opal and Authigenesis of Silica and Silicates

Volkher Riech

10. Cretaceous Volcanogenic Sediments of the Nauru Basin, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 61

Ralph Moberly and Hugh C. Jenkyns

11. Mesozoic and Cenozoic Mass Accumulation Rates of the Major Sediment Components in the Nauru Basin, Western Equatorial Pacific

David K. Rea and Jrn Thiede

12. Significance of Plant Remains in Redeposited Aptian Sediments, Hole 462A, Nauru Basin, to Cretaceous Oceanic Oxygenation Models

Hugh C. Jenkyns and Seymour O. Schlanger

13. Mineralogy of Sediments Encountered during Leg 61, as Determined by X-Ray Diffraction

Ulrich Nagel, German Mller, and Dieter Schumann

14. Composition and Conditions of Genesis of Sedimentary Rocks in the Lower Part of Site 462, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 61

P.P. Timofeev, V.I. Koporulin, I.M. Varentsov, V.V. Eremeev, and D.Ya. Choporov

15. Clay and Associated Minerals in Sediments from the Nauru Basin, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 61

V.B. Kurnosov and A.Ya. Shevchenko

Part IV: Geochemical Studies

16. Interstitial-Water Studies, Leg 61

Joris M. Gieskes and Jeff Johnson

17. Interstitial-Water Studies, Leg 58

Joris M. Gieskes and Jeff Johnson

18. Preliminary Lipid Analyses of Cores 49, 54, and 59 from Hole 462

I.D. Thomson, S.C. Brassell, P.A. Comet, G. Eglinton, P.J. Isaacson, J. McEvoy, and J.R. Maxwell

19. Geochemistry of Chlorophyll Derivatives: Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 61, Site 462, Northern Nauru Basin

Earl W. Baker and J. William Louda

20. Geochemistry of Carbon: Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 61, Nauru Basin, North Pacific

Karl S. Schorno

21. Lipid Geochemistry of Sediments from Site 462 in the Nauru Basin

Bernd R.T. Simoneit

Part V: Igneous-Rock Studies

22. Igneous Rocks of Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 61, Nauru Basin

Sergey Shcheka

23. Vein Minerals in Basalt, Hole 462A, Leg 61 of the Deep Sea Drilling Project

Kenneth E. Windom and Patricia Book

24. Secondary Minerals of Basalts from the Nauru Basin, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 61

V.B. Kurnosov, I.V. Kholodkevich, and A.Ya. Shevchenko

25. Chemical Composition of Igneous Rocks and Origin of the Sill and Pillow-Basalt Complex of Nauru Basin, Southwest Pacific

Hidekazu Tokuyama and Rodey Batiza

26. Trace-Element Characteristics of Leg 61 Basalts

Rodey Batiza

27. Chemical Compositions and Sr Isotopes of Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 61 Basalts

Naoyuki Fujii, Kenjii Notsu, and Naoki Onuma

28. 40Ar–39Ar Geochronological Studies on Rocks Drilled at Holes 462 and 462A, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 61

M. Ozima, K. Saito, and Y. Takigami

29. Geochemistry of Nauru Basin Basalts from the Lower Portion of Hole 462A, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 61

Karl E. Seifert

Part VI: Geophysical Studies

30. Paleomagnetism of the Cretaceous Section, Site 462

Maureen B. Steiner

31. Paleomagnetism of the Igneous Complex, Site 462

Maureen B. Steiner

32. Magnetic and Mineralogical Investigations of Opaque Minerals: Preliminary Results

Maureen B. Steiner

33. Electrical Resistivity, Sound Velocity, Thermal Conductivity, Density-Porosity, and Temperature, Obtained by Laboratory Techniques and Well Logs: Site 462 in the Nauru Basin of the Pacific Ocean

Robert E. Boyce

34. The Geological and Geophysical Setting near Site 462

L.K. Wipperman, R.L. Larson, and D.M. Hussong

35. Underway Geophysical Data from Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 61: Navigation, Bathymetry, Magnetics, and Seismic Profiles

Seymour O. Schlanger and Roger L. Larson

Part VII: Regional Studies and Syntheses

36. Tectonic, Volcanic, and Paleogeographic Implications of Redeposited Reef Faunas of Late Cretaceous and Tertiary Age from the Nauru Basin and the Line Islands

Seymour O. Schlanger and Isabella Premoli Silva

37. Summary and Index to Petrologic and Geochemical Studies of Leg 61 Basalts

R. Batiza, S. Shcheka, H. Tokuyama, K. Muehlenbachs, T.L. Vallier, F. Lee-Wong, K.E. Seifert, K.E. Windom, P. Book, and N. Fujii

38. Geological Evolution of the Nauru Basin, and Regional Implications

Roger L. Larson and Seymour O. Schlanger

Part VIII: Appendices

Appendix I. Methods for Laboratory measured Physical Properties, Gearhart-Owen Well Logs, and the Uyeda Down-Hole Temperature Probe, Leg 61, Deep Sea Drilling Project

Robert E. Boyce

Appendix II. Grain-Size and Carbon/Carbonate Analyses, Leg 61

Stan White and Gerald W. Bode

Back-Pocket Figures

Chapter 6

Figure 5. Stratigraphic Distribution of Cenozoic Calcareous Nannofossils, Hole 462
Hans R. Thierstein and Helene Manivit
Figure 7. Stratigraphic Distribution of Mesozoic Calcareous Nannofossils in Hole 462
Hans R. Thierstein and Helene Manivit

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