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DSDP Volume XLVII Part 2 Table of Contents

Publication date: May 2007

Preliminary Pages

Part I: Introduction

1. Introduction and Explanatory Notes

Shipboard Scientific Party

Part II: Site Report

2. Site 398

Shipboard Scientific Party

Part III: Paleontological Studies

3. Paleogene Planktonic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of DSDP Hole 398D, Leg 47B, Vigo Seamount, Spain

Silvia Iaccarino and Isabella Premoli Silva

4. Planktonic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of the Neogene and Quaternary Sediments from Site 398, DSDP, Leg 47B

Silvia Iaccarino and Gianfranco Salvatorini

5. Chronostratigraphy and Ecostratigraphy of Cretaceous Formations Recovered on DSDP Leg 47B, Site 398

J. Sigal

6. Biostratigraphy of Calcareous Nannofossils: Leg 47B, Deep Sea Drilling Project

Gretchen Blechschmidt

7. Lower Cretaceous Ammonoidea from the Northern Atlantic, Leg 47B, Hole 398D, DSDP

Otto Renz

Part IV: Sedimentological Studies

8. Upper Cretaceous and Cenozoic Depositional Processes and Facies in the Distal North Atlantic Continental Margin off Portugual, DSDP Site 398

Andrés Maldonado

9. Sedimentological Study of Cores 138 to 56 (Upper Hauterivian to Middle Cenomanian) an Attempt at Reconstruction of Paleoenvironments

P.Ch. de Graciansky and P.Y. Chenet

10. Petrographic and Sedimentologic Study of the Cretaceous–Paleocene Sequence of Hole 398D

Maurice Bourbon

11. Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Cretaceous and Cenozoic Atlantic Sediments off the Iberian Peninsula (Site 398, DSDP Leg 47B)

Hervé Chamley, Pierre Debrabant, Janine Foulon, Ghislaine Girour d'Argoud, Claude Latouche, Noèle Maillet, Henri Maillot, and Frédéric Sommer

12. Sedimentology of Palynomorphs and Palynodebris in Cretaceous Carbonaceous Facies South of Vigo Seamount

Daniel Habib

13. Study of Some Samples of Hole 398D, Leg 47B, with the Correspondence Analysis Method

P.Y. Chenet and H. Teil

Part V: Geochemical Studies

14. Stable Isotopes of Oxygen and Carbon in Carbonates from Sites 398 and 116 of the Deep Sea Drilling Project

Michael A. Arthur, Peter A. Scholle, and Phyllis Hasson

15. Oxygen 18 and Carbon 13 Isotopes from Bulk Carbonate Samples, Leg 47B

René Létolle

16. Strontium, Manganese, and Iron Contents, and Oxygen Isotopes in the Carbonate Fractions Recovered from Hole 398C, Leg 47B

Maurice Renard, G. Richebois and René Létolle

17. Cenozoic Paleotemperatures at Site 398, Eastern North Atlantic: Diagenetic Effects on Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Signal

Collette Vergnaud-Grazzini

18. Organic Geochemistry of Cretaceous Shales from DSDP Site 398, Leg 47B, Eastern North Atlantic

G. Deroo, J.P. Herbin, J. Roucaché, and B. Tissot

19. Organic Petrography of Lower Cretaceous Shales at DSDP Leg 47B Site 398, Vigo Seamount, Eastern North Atlantic

Chris Cornford

20. Optical Study of Organic Matter from Some Samples of Cretaceous Age, Leg 47B, Hole 398D

A. Doerenkamp and P. Robert

21. Geochemical Analysis of Samples from Sites 397 and 398

Daniel B. Pearson and Wallace G. Dow

22. Insoluble Organic Matter Bitumens in Leg 47 Samples

D.L. Johnson, R.D. Mclver, and M.A. Rogers

23. Petroleum-Generating Potential of Sediments from Leg 47, Deep Sea Drilling Project

J.W. Kendrick, A. Hood, and J.R. Castaño

24. Geochemistry of Carbon: Deep Sea Drilling Project, Legs 47A and 47B

J.G. Erdman and K.S. Schorno

25. C2 to C7 Hydrocarbons from IPOD Hole 398D

Jean K. Whelan and John M. Hunt

26. Lipid Geochemistry of Cretaceous Sediments from Vigo Seamount, DSDP/IPOD Leg 47B

Bernd R.T. Simoneit and Monica A. Mazurek

27. Tetrapyrrole Pigments from IPOD Leg 47B, Hole 398D

Susan E. Palmer and Earl W. Baker

28. Interstitial Water Studies, Legs 47A, B

Ross O. Barnes, Joris M. Gieskes, Jay Horvath, and Wayne Akiyama

Part VI: Geophysical Studies

29. Aspects of Physical Properties Measurements, Leg 47: Sites 397 and 398

C.A. Williams and G. Mountain

30. Paleomagnetic Results from DSDP Site 398

G.E. Morgan

31. Geophysical Data Collected Underway on Glomar Challenger, Leg 47B

Jean-Claude Sibuet, William B.F. Ryan, Ted B. Gustafson, and S.M. Smith

32. Tentative Calibration of Site 398 and Special Processing of Parts of Lines GP-19 and GP-23

R. Bouguigny and C. Willm

Part VII: Regional Studies and Syntheses

33. The Continental Margin off Galicia and Portugal: Acoustical Stratigraphy, Dredge Stratigraphy, and Structural Evolution

Groupe Galice (J.P. Auzende, H. Jonquet, J.L. Olivet, J.-C. Sibuet, J.L. Auxiètre, G. Boillot, J.P. Dunand, A. Mauffret, O. de Charpal, V. Apostolescu, and L. Montadert)

34. Relationships between Tectonics and Sedimentation around the Northwestern Iberian Margin

Jean-Pierre Réhault and Alain Mauffret

35. Lower Cretaceous Lithostratigraphy near Galicia Bank

V.A. Basov, B.G. Lopatin, I.S. Gramberg, A.I. Danjushevskaya, V.Ya. Kaban'kov, V.M. Lazurkin, and D.K. Patrunov

36. North Atlantic Cretaceous Black Shales: The Record at Site 398 and a Brief Comparison with Other Occurrences

Michael A. Arthur

37. Dominant Structural Trends on the Western Continental Margin of Iberia: Implications on Initial Rifting

Jean-Claude Sibuet and Leopold Berthois

38. Site 398: Evolution of the West Iberian Passive Continental Margin in the Framework of the Early Evolution of the North Atlantic Ocean

Jean-Claude Sibuet and William B.F. Ryan


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Chapter 2:

Site 398 Sediment summary chart 1.

Chapter 4:

Figure 3 (a-d). Range chart of planktonic foraminifers at Site 398; early Miocene to Quaternary. Cores 398-12 to 398-10 foraminiferal distribution is not included because of the poor assemblage.

Table 1. Interpretive composite log of faunal components, DSDP Hole 398D.

Chapter 11:

Figure 1. Mineralogical and geochemical data, DSDP Site 398, (results obtained at Marseilles and Lille Universities).

Chapter 14:

Table 1. Stratigraphic range chart for Site 398 guide fossils.

Table 2. Interpretive composite log of faunal components, DSDP Hole 398D.

DSDP Data and Samples


Citation information about scientific publications related to this and other DSDP legs is available in the Ocean Drilling Citation Database.