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Downhole logging tools

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The winch module and control cabin are located on the wireline winch deck, situated on the starboard side of the JOIDES Resolution just above the drill floor. The winch skid itself consists of a modular winch drive system called a WDDS (Winch Drive Drum Skid), which can oscillate left and right to allow proper spooling of the cable onto the wireline drum, and a power unit called a DPWM (Diesel-Powered Winch Module) that provides all of the hydraulic and pneumatic power to operate the WDDS. On the JOIDES Resolution, the DPWM has been modified to utilize an electric motor rather than a diesel engine as the power plant. The winch is controlled by means of an electronic control panel from the OMHC (Offshore Modular Heliportable Cabin), located immediately behind the winch. An intercom system is connected to the telemetry lab so that the winch operator can communicate directly with the logging engineer during operations, and both stations have displays that show the surface tension, depth, and cable speed measured by specialized equipment on the winch module.

Winch Drive Drum Skid (WWDS) with winch module. The OMHC winch operator's cabin can be seen behind these units on the right side of the photograph.