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IODP Expedition 311:
Cascadia Margin Gas Hydrates

Week 3 Report

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September 19, 2005


TRANSIT TO ASTORIA, OREGON: The ship arrived at the Astoria pilot station at 1000 hr on September 15, 2005 after transiting 3926 nmi at an average speed of 10.8 knots. The transit was uneventful and the ship made excellent time even into the predominant southerly current. The pilot was aboard at 10:00 hr and we stood by for 1 hr waiting for absolute slack water over the Columbia Bar. The first line ashore Astoria Docks Pier #1 occurred at 13:06 hr and by 14:30 hr all US Customs and Immigration formalities were completed.

PORT CALL ACTIVITIES: Aside from the typical freight loading and offloading the following tasks were accomplished during the port call: ODL replaced six switch gear in the engine room and conducted routine maintenance on the propulsion system. They also repaired cracks in the lower guide horn. An I-beam support structure was installed on the lab stack roof to provide a base for storage of the two 250 gallon and one 400 gallon liquid nitrogen supply tanks. In addition, two 20 ft. reefer vans, which will be used for pressure core processing and analyses, were installed on the lab stack roof and core tech shop roof. Schlumberger LWD/MWD tools and equipment were loaded aboard as well as the Fugro Pressure Corer and the HYACE Rotary Corer. The ship departed Astoria at 10:00 hr on 19 September and is expected to arrive at Site U1325 (CAS-02C) the morning of 20 September.

ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITES: The following tools were received and loaded: four calibrated methane tools (two ea APCM and PCSM) with tool box, three PCS pressure barrels and two actuators with tool boxes, 10" PVC pipe hardware for ice chute, two calibrated DVTPPs, two DVTP calibrated probes, four calibrated PCS pressure transducers with one laptop for the gas sampling manifold, two high pressure hoses for PCS gas sampling manifold. The laptop for the gas sampling manifold, and the laptop for standpipe 8 Hz monitoring will be delivered at the LWD/MWD boat transfer.

Lab Report

TECHNICAL SUPPORT ACTIVITES: The ship arrived in Astoria, Oregon on the afternoon of September 15. Oncoming supplies and two lab vans were loaded. Special projects set up for the expedition are underway.

HSE ACTIVITES: There was a fire and boat drill on September 13. The METs team responded with six members to a simulated oil spill. The rest of the technicians and scientists reported to their lifeboat stations.

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