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IODP Expedition 301T:
Transit/Cost Rica Hydrogeology

Week 4 Report

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September 20, 2004


Panama Canal Pilot departs ship after Panama Canal transit is complete at 0342 hours September 13, 2004. Clear breakwater at 0413 hours. Underway at full speed to St. John's, Newfoundland. At 1730 hours on 14 September, reduced speed because of bad weather ahead. Maintained reduced speed until 0830 on 15 September when a decision was made to go east of Hispaniola Island to go around behind Tropical Storm Jeanne. The change of course added 174 nm to overall voyage and changed ETA of vessel into St. John's to September 24th. Overall average transit speed for the voyage is 10.7 knots. Traveled 1745 nm out of 2918 nm transit.

Site Security:
During occupation of sites 1253 and 1255 and transit, the JR operated under a security level of MARSEC Level 1 (Yellow) and appropriate security measures were in effect.

Technical Support and HSE Activities

The new technicians have been training in their respective labs. The technical staff is also cross training in different labs during the transit. The staff are indexing the documentation throughout the labs and inventorying parts of the analytical systems. There have been safety-training sessions on risk management as well as general lab safety.

The Computer Specialists tested the inSORs multi-media conferencing and collaboration software by broadcasting voice and video over a number of different bandwidths. The initial test results were favorable and more tests are planned in the future.

Two JOI personnel are sailing during the transit to photo document the labs and conduct interviews with personnel. Stereoscopic photos are being taken of various labs and locations on the ship and personnel are being interviewed and filmed.

Core recovery: None

Samples collected: None

HSE: A scheduled fire and boat drill was conducted 15 September. Those not involved proceeded to their lifeboats. Three IODP representatives attended the Transocean's Safety Module 6 with all Transocean Supervisors. Technical personnel are continuing to sign up for mandatory safety training courses developed to educate the sea-going staff and satisfy international marine safety requirements.

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