Thin Section Laboratory


This lab provides thin sections of lithified and non-lithified materials. Technicians can provide single or multiple sections. A Buehler Petro-Thin thin-sectioning system creates single sections.

Bueler Petrothin Saw w/closeup of vacuum plate.

Logitech PM2A Polishing and Lapping machine.

A Logitech LP-30 lapping machine can produce up to 100 high-quality thin sections a week. The technicians have the ability to coverslip the slides with a liquid cover slip or polish the slides with a Logitech PM2A Precision Polishing & Lapping Machine. Both the LP-30 and the PM2A have ABS1 Abrasive Auto Feed systems. All thin sections are the property of IODP, but may be borrowed for study.

Thin Section Examples

Click on an image for a description.

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