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Legacy Data Backup and Transfer

For information on the IT environment of the refurbished JOIDES Resolution, please see

The following backup devices are officially supported on the ship:

  • CD (R/RW) recorders
  • DVD (R) recorders (at least one free DVD will be provided for each shipboard scientist)
  • 8-mm Exabyte tape drives (for Unix workstations)
  • 4-mm DAT tape drives (for Unix workstations )
  • 1.4-Mb Floppy Drives (PC)
  • 100/250/750-Mb Zip* drives (for PCs and Macs; media not available for sale on board)

*For the Zip drives, we provide support only for data transfer, not for continuous use. We encourage scientists to bring their own Zip drives.

Scientists are encouraged to ask about data storage formats before they leave their home institutions to ensure successful transfer of data at the end of the expedition. IODP/USIO also advises scientists to bring blank recording media (Zip, Exabyte or Data tapes, 3.5-inch diskettes; or writable CDs) as only limited supplies are maintained on the ship.

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