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Legacy Communications

For information on the IT environment of the refurbished JOIDES Resolution, please see

E-Mail System

The electronic mail system GroupWise is available onboard the ship as a convenient method of communicating with colleagues working on different watch schedules as well as for communicating with contacts off the ship. Participants are required to read and sign the IODP Communications Policy before activating their e-mail account.

Satellite System

The ship is equipped with satellite receivers allowing television reception, constant e-mail communication, internet access, and telephone service. Telephone charges must be paid with a user-supplied calling or credit card. In the event of satellite outages, there may be a fee for e-mail messages transmitted from the ship and mail may be sent and received via an alternate satellite connection four times a day.

Video Bulletin Board

Each lab area on the ship is equipped with at least one video monitor connected to a video distribution system in the computer facility. One of several channels can be displayed on these monitors. Possible selections include the following, but usually only a subset is available at any given moment:

  • The CORELOG: a text summary of recent coring activity and a one-line message
  • The TruVu Pro display: current drilling parameters from the rig floor
  • The Rig Floor: a camera scans the drilling action
  • The Movie Channel: the lounge video player at large
  • The Subsea Camera: watch the drill pipe reenter a hole or survey the seafloor

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