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GCR Equipment and Supplies

The sampling area is located in front of the refrigerated areas, and is equipped with an assortment of sampling tools and supplies designed to sample both soft sediment and hard rock cores. Samples can be taken with plastic tubes or scoops if the sediment allows, or cut on the Felker saw or mini-core drill press. Tube and scoop sizes are 2 cm3, 5 cm3, 10 cm3.

Larger volumes can be sampled if needed. P-mag cubes and U-channels can be provided for paleomagnetic studies. All samples are documented in a database.

Sample bags and labels indicating exact core and section intervals are provided. Kapak sample bags are available for organic chemistry samples. Ocean drilling publications are available for reference. Fully equipped microscope and photo labs are also available for use. Internet connections and a variety of useful computer programs are available for visitors.